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Ted Shows His True Colors

Ted Nugent
Beloit Riverfest
Beloit, WI
July 11, 2002
Ted Nugent
Ted feels his patriotism.

Review and Photos by Terry Mayer

Everything good in America, everything decent and honest in the US can be found in one artist, who is not afraid to be a hunter and who is not afraid to tell it like it is. One man, can be found saluting the American flag and be honestly proud of it. Of course this American is Ted Nugent.
The Motor City Madman approached the stage waving the old stars and stripes. Red, white and blue were everywhere on Thursday night, from Ted's shirt to the backdrop.Ted Nugent "Baby, Please Don't Go" gave the fans a little R&B with Ted making the guitar sing the familiar licks in a feverish pitch. Michael Mandoza (bass) took over on the jumpy "Just What The Doctor Ordered."
The All American boy then looked out over at the sun setting on the river and proceeded to salute God's country, Wisconsin and America.
Previewing songs off his new album, Craveman that will be released this fall, Ted rooted the new sound with the old kick-ass fervor. The night was a pleasant mixture of old and new. Giving the crowd a taste of what is to come, Ted through them "Crave" and they ate it up like hungry dogs that just stole the scraps from the dinner table. Up next was a classic made famous by Sam & Dave (not Hagar and Roth) and later by the Blues Brothers - the revved-up "Soul Man." Ted didn't ruin it like most covers, but complimented it by changing into his own version. "Wild Thing" done Nugent style was a definite crowd pleaser. "Hey Baby" brought back bassist Michael Mendoza, for a little Detroit rhythm and blues. If he wasn't shooting Saddam and Bin Laden with an arrow he was jammin' the chords off his guitar on hits like "Cat Scratch Fever"
Nugent is a man you can truly respect as an American who is one of the best hard ass rock and rollers who offers no apologies. While other artists are singing or rapping about getting' guns and killing girls with no regards for life, Nugent's mantra is to respect life.
As Ted played "The Star Spangled Banner" his heart and soul bled out all over the audience. As a rocker he is great and as an American he's even better. A man who loves and cherishes the USA, Ted is in the same boat with with Charlton Heston, and President Bush, he is what America stands for and he just happens to play a wicked guitar.

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