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A night of quirky D.I.Y.ers

Quintron / Bob Log III / Misty Martinez
Onopa Brewing Company
Milwaukee, WI
Oct. 25, 2003

Bob Log III
Bob Log III
Miss Pussycat
"It's only rock 'n' roll?
Miss Pussycat's puppet
show opens Quintron's set."
Misty Martinez
Misty Martinez

Review and Photos by Tony Bonyata

Normally you wouldn't think that any man armed simply with a beat up Hammond D organ could wow a hip eclectic crowd of music lovers. But then again, there aren't many like New Orleans' own musical anomaly Quintron. Although, come to think of it, when this slender musician hit the stage last Saturday at Milwaukee's Onopa Brewing Company he did have a bit more going for him than just his odd and often spastic keyboard stylings.
Along with his keys, Quintron was also armed with two secret weapons - the first an odd looking contraption which he affectionately refers to as his "Drum Buddy tm" and the second the attractive Miss Pussycat. While this bizarre artist brandished his unique passion-soaked vocals over percolating, and often sinister keys, it was the infectious beats from his own hand-built drum machine that found his wife and musical partner in crime, Miss Pussycat, chiming in with frenzied vocals and shaking her maracas in time with an angular robotic flair.
Miss Pussycat, a professional puppeteer, started their set off with a colorful (both in visuals and humor) puppet show that helped set the decidedly strange tone of this show. While this was definitely odd theatrics (at least for the world of rock) it all seemed perfectly natural to those cloistered tight to the stage to hear this truly wild original.
Not to be outdone in a weird do-it-yourself ethos, a strange figure, wearing a jumpsuit and motorcycle helmet with an old phone receiver fashioned in it for a mic, known as Bob Log III took the stage with nothing more than a guitar, a tiny drum kit and a glass of Scotch on the rocks. Hammering out some of the nastiest blues licks performed on slide guitar in a long, long while Log kept a tight beat as he encouraged (as is part of his schtick) the females in the audience to help mix his drink with their boobs. While only one gal actually accepted his unusual plea, he did manage to get a couple of other female participants to sit upon his flailing knees while pounding out a devilish beat and soul-selling slide solo.
Opening for these two eclectic artists was Chicago's own Misty Martinez, yet another one person band - although decidedly cuter than the headliners- that jumped and yelped in front of her own canned beats. While her upbeat music was often engaging - not sounding too unlike that of those Japanese sweeties Shonen Knife, the theatrics played out with another male performer came on heavy handed and downright dorky.

Bob Log III
Bob Log III
Bob Log III
Bob Log III
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