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PsyCHO tour inspiring and shocking

Margaret Cho
The Historic Rialto Theatre
Tucson, AZ
October 16, 2015
Margaret Cho Margaret Cho Margaret Cho

Review and photos by Mary Andrews

Ms. Cho managed to form an alliance with the Southern Arizona Humane Society this trip. She introduced one of the potential adoption dogs on the stage before the show started to renew awareness of the crucial need to give homeless animals a home. This is one of many causes that are close to Margaret Cho's heart.

Selene Luna had the job of following up after the first introduction. Ms. Luna is a 'little person' as she calls herself. She is three feet, ten inches tall and she is not shy about using this in her act. Her show does not stop there. Luna has been active in burlesque, an actress in movies and television and a plethora of other jobs from which to build her comedy set. This summer's episode of Celebrity Wife Swap depicted her as Margaret Cho's best friend and roommate. She has described herself as a 'childless, stay at home mom.' Her set was just as bawdy and brash as Cho's show.

Margaret Cho immediately hit the stage following Luna like a locomotive trying to make up for lost time. She was pounding out jokes so fast that the crowd had a hard time catching their breath due to their nonstop laughter. No subject was off limits and the political scene of today is fat with material for Cho. Ann Coulter, women's rights, sexuality, dumb assholes, shooters, racism, private body parts, rape, Bill Cosby, gay bashers and more sex!

She was taking advise from the audience on how to take in large dicks, such as praying. She had a fantastic way of improvising during the set. Her mastery of facial expressions in comedy is pure genius. One of her facial expressions was worth a thousand laughs.

Midway during the show, Cho paid homage to her mentor "parents," Robin Williams and Joan Rivers who have passed away during the past year. When Mr. Williams died she felt the need to continue his legacy of helping the homeless. Her impression of Joan Rivers was real enough to be scary. She described Rivers as being her "last resort" in her decision making process.

Her classic, wickedly funny, observations on sexual matters persisted throughout the show. Things you never think about are fodder for Margaret Cho. This is what made her show a delightful surprise. However, her mentors have passed away and that has made her THE mentor for younger comics. She seemed to feel a need to grow up and sense of responsibility as a result of her loss. Her social activism seems to have increased.

Ms. Cho has mastered weaving in comic relief while wading through deep shit. She described haters "waving the white flag of surrender." She cautioned the crowd to "police everything you see on social media." It is clear that Cho exudes utter compassion for those who are often subject to reticule and abuse. Margaret Cho pushes through reticule and inequality one joke at a time!
Margaret Cho Selene Luna
Selene Luna

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