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New School Meets Old School

Linkin Park / Cypress Hill
UIC Pavilion
Chicago, IL
Feb. 1, 2002
Linkin Park
Linkin Park

Review and Photos by Barry Brecheisen

When Linkin Park's debut album "Hybrid Theory" came out over a year ago who could have dreamed it would go on to become the best-selling album of 2001 and land them 3-Grammy nominations? Coming off of the successful "Family Values Tour" and a slew of radio sponsored X-Mas shows, the band is back hosting their very own mini-tour, dubbed the menacing "Projekt Revolution." This from the same band that was once sneered at by critics and fans alike. They are now the conquering kings coming through your city one more time before they head back into the studio. Along for the ride is DJ ZTrip, Adema and the masters themselves, Cypress Hill. Opening their tour a few days earlier in Colorado Springs, "Projekt Revolution" rolled into the Windy city for the 3rd stop of the 18 date tour.
Chester and the boys came out hard with the swirling guitar sounds of "With You." The 3rd track was the perfect opener and set a momentum that continued on through to the encore. Love them or hate them you can't question their passion and energy live. From the rapid delivers of MC-vocalist Mike Shinoda to the sheer rage emanating from Chester Bennington. It's an eye full of teen angst and laser lights. They seemed to be enjoying their recent domination too. "How you doing over there?" Mike asks Chester who's hovering over the crowd on stage left. "They're throwing underwear at me." Chester responded as he playfully twirls the black lacy bra over his head and displays it against his chest. "Then you're doing alright," Mike concludes. They must be doing something right by looking at the mayhem of this sold out crowd for a band that was just here in October. Releasing a few more singles and they could easily continue reaping the benefits of staying on tour til June. Back from the first encore, Mike looked into the crowd and announced,"We're going to play a song by a band we admire." "We're really going to do this?" Chester spoke up. "We've never played this live before!" admitted Chester before the boys offered a near note-by-note perfect rendition of the Deftones's "My Own Summer (Shove It)." "One Step Closer" completed the show as they were joined on stage by members of Cypress Hill. Their music resonated it's unique nu rap lifeforce on the audience with all the subtlety of a thunderstorm in the dead of winter.
Speaking of the "Stoned Raiders," Sen Dog, BReal and the gang helped early on to kick start the crowd by playing a greatest hits package. Opening with hits like "Insane in the Brain" and "I Ain't Goin' Out Like That," Cypress Hill played a really rock hard set. Telling torrid tales about the California streets, they showed the Chicago teens just why they've been a large force in rap for over a decade. Veins bulging and muscles flexin' the boys spat out the older classics and sounded, as fresh and timely as the new ones. "Do you want to get high?" BReal sporting a black Joker 69, t-shirt tried to entice the crowd. The audience answered, "So high." As Bobo appeared on the stage with the famous Excalibur bong. Bobo took a huge hit as he blurily waved his hands towards the crowd for encouragement. How these guys have any brain cells left defies science. Between puffs they managed to share a few more "hits" from their catalog and finally closing with the ever catchy "Rock Superstar." Cypress Hill's hip hop street smarts paved the way for Linkin Park tonight.
Check your local listings if you want to catch this short but robust tour. It concludes at the end of the month at San Diego's Cox Theatre.

Cypress Hill
Cypress Hill
Cypress Hill
Cypress Hill

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