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The Deftones smile as
their horns grow longer

The Deftones / Thrice
Eagles Ballroom
Milwaukee, WI
Dec. 3, 2003
The Deftones

Story and Photos of the Deftones by Phil Bonyata
Photos of Thrice by Karen Bondowski

It's hard to categorize the Deftones. Born from the incubator of "nu-metal" that have created annoyingly mindless bands such as Linkin Park and Limp Bizkit, the Deftones have staked a claim of originality by marrying creativity with gut wrenching power.
The DeftonesThe Sacramento band entered the Eagles Ballroom - took their positions and did nothing for 20 seconds. The audience roared with masochistic glee. Lead vocalist Chino Moreno and the band decided to forego the slow rise to climax and opened with the cannon roar of "Minerva." Chino, comically dressed in shin hugging shorts that showed off his entire ass, albeit covered in white underwear, long tube socks and hooded sweat shirt were he would occasionally take refuge from his own fury. On" Blood Cape," "Nosebleed" and "My Own Summer (Shove It)" had the foundation laid down by bassist Chi Cheng and robust drummer Abe Cunningham, so Chino and guitarist Stephen Carpenter could work their industrial magic with no fear of falling off. Lacking Brandon Boyd good looks, in fact gaining a bit of weight, Chino's ride is all about charismatic abandon. His vocal range on "Hexagram" and "Digital Bath" are extremely engaging to hear in person. At one point howling like an enraged lion and the next - delivering some wonderfully melodic lyrics. On "Bored" Carpenter weaved easily between chunky rhythms and inventive chord changes.
"7 Words" found the band rise to a catastrophic fury - exciting but at the same time scary. The audience shunning the exits weren't sure if they were just raped or willingly made love to.
The Deftones smile as their horns grow longer
Openers Thrice are not sure what they are. Lead singer Dustin Kensrue's loud and berating howls and the bands predictable musicianship failed miserably. On "Paper Tigers," "Under a Killing Moon" and "Stare at the Sun" Thrice simply had no direction. On "Kill Me Quickly" the audience was begging for just that.

A note from Karen Bondowski's laptop:
To Thursday and their fans, sorry that we missed you at the Rave on December 3rd, 2003. I was really looking forward to being able to cover the show, but I got there a -few- minutes late and the venue had decided to start just a tad bit earlier then expected! Actually 45 minutes early!
I really hope to catch you the next time that you're in town and most importantly, best of luck to you guys! I think you're doing awesome!


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