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From Lollapalooza To Tucson

The Foals
The Historic Rialto Theatre
Tucson, AZ
August 8, 2013
The Foals The Foals The Foals

Review and photos by Mary Andrews

The Foals captivated the crowd Wednesday night at the Rialto theatre from start to finish! The boys are from Oxford in the U.K., which is also where Radiohead got their start. Foals formed in 2005 and they are: Yannis Philippakis (lead vocals, guitar), Jimmy Smith (guitarist), Jack Bevan (drummer), Edwin Congreave (keyboardist), and Walter Gervers (bassist). They are in the U. S. promoting their third album, of melodic guitar songs, Holy Fire. Their music has evolved from "dance music" to more complicated hard rock, funk, electronica, with a melancholic, brooding edge. They are best described as genre-bending and it is working for them!

This was a small venue compared to the large festivals that this group has grown accustomed in the past and will continue to play. Fact is Yannis could not have cared less what the size of the venue. He delivered like he was still playing Lollapaplooza at night. He quickly lunged himself into the crowd, guitar and all, three times during the set. His sense of trust was amazing to watch and the crowd did not let him down! Yannis did not miss a lick on his guitar while surfing! The visual experience was truly electric from a band who are definitely on the rise!

I don't want to make this sound like a one-man band. All of the musicians were superb! Jimmy Smith was also another highly visible band mate shifting between guitar and keyboards while dancing and moving to the beat without stopping. Walter Gervers' harmonies were spot on even if he was not as visible. Drummer Beven was the glue that kept everyone together! Keyboard man Congreave played the rich, lighter sounds! Bottom line - The Foals were amazing!

Set list (Many thanks to Elliott):
1. Prelude
2. Miami
3. Olympic Airways
4. My Number
5. Balloons
6. Bad Habit
7. Milk & Black Spiders
8. Sahara
9. Red Sox Pugie
10. Late Night

12. Inhaler
13. Two Steps, Twice

The Foals
The Foals The Foals
The Foals

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