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Garrison Says it With Passion

Garrison Starr
Elbo Room
Chicago, IL
Oct. 3, 2002
Garrison Starr

Review and Photos by Daniel Locke

Garrison Starr is an artist you don't want to miss. She is a creative individualist, with a clean and pure streak of passion coursing throughout her music. Her songs command people to listen. She is both a strong songwriter and an engaging performer.Garrison Starr I originally missed her in Chicago a few months ago while she was touring with Cracker. After Cracker, Melissa Etheridge picked her up for about a month of touring and now she is grounded back into the reality of her two-person, 10 day tour with bass player, Cary Beare, also in a band called Riverdogs.
I finally got to see her at the Elbo Room in Chicago last Thursday night. Looking fit and tan with her blonde tresses falling neatly over her eyes, Garrison also sported a casual green t-shirt and blue jeans. The club had a good vibe running through it. This performance was in support of her fourth CD - Songs From Take-Off to Landing. During the show she joked about relationships, clubs in Michigan and how she had a problem with a guy who just wanted to hear her music and didn't like her talking between songs and the travails and triumphs of touring. The hard reality of touring with Melissa was that she was on a big tour bus with three square meals a day, now she is basically playing for her dinner. But, she is a true artist. She believes in her music and people should give her a chance and go out and see her perform live.
She opened up her set with "Somethin's Gotta Change" and "Big Sky" from her current CD. Other expertly performed songs were:

"5 Minutes"
"Serves Me Right"
"Raging Fire"

Only three of the songs were from her older CDs. "Superhero," from the 24-7 CD, had Garrison mouthing the mic which showcased some pretty passionate exchanges. "Eighteen Over Me" and "Hey Girl" featured some sweet guitar playing along with Starr's haunting voice melting through the songs core.
Afterward she hung around and signed some autographs and chatted with the fans about her previous tours and about her latest CD.
Catch Garrison Starr live with Steve Earl this fall and you surely won't be disappointed.

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