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Holly Beguiles Milwaukee

Holly Golightly
Cactus Club
Milwaukee, WI
Sept. 21, 2003

Holly Golightly
Holly Golightly
KO & The Knockouts
KO & The Knockouts
Holly Golightly
Holly Golightly

Review and Photos by Tony Bonyata

"Does it sound alright out there? It sounds like I'm under water up here," Holly Golightly stated numerous times throughout her engaging show last night at the cozy confines of the Cactus Club. But despite an apparent monitor problem onstage - one that was hardly negligible from the audience's vantage point - her show went swimmingly.
Holly Golightly On tour in support of her latest gem of an album Truly She Is None Other, Holly, surprisingly enough, chose to perform very little of it's material for the show - instead focusing on older favorites such as "Your Love Is Mine" and the sassy rock of "You Ain't No Big Thing."
Clad in sandals, cuffed Levi's and partially eclipsed by her big electric Hofner guitar the lovely Miss Golightly led her tight little four-piece band through sexy dirges, rockabilly rave-ups, sultry torch songs and smokey sonnets that were all laced with her hypnotic vocal delivery along with guitarist Eric Stein's (The Greenhornes) intoxicating fuzzed-up, reverbed guitar which added an alluring sense of mystery to these wonderful songs.
When she did touch on her latest album, as on the bluesy number "Black Night," complete with sparse cowpoke rhythm, and the cool opening track "Walk A Mile" the audience embraced them wholeheartedly, leaving the question of why she didn't perform more from it on the minds of many.
Unique, intriguing and beguiling as both writer and performer, it's almost a crime that more people don't know about this angel.
Detroit garage rockers KO & The Knockouts opened with a spirited set of scrappy pop numbers that helped kick-start the evening. Led by the cuter-than-a-bug lead singer and bassist Ko Shih, whose finger flourishings were reminiscent of Geezer Butler's when Black Sabbath mattered, along with the pummeling primal beats laid down by drummer Jeff Klein, this young and hungry band mixed up a deliciously dangerous molotov cocktail of heavy blues and scuzzed-up punk rock. Yet another testament to the power of Detroit rock 'n' roll.

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