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Dark side of some
musical moon

The Rave
Milwaukee, WI
July 30, 2007
Interpol Interpol Interpol

Story and photos by Matt Schwenke

Pick your shade of gray: Interpol and Joy Division share the same dark side of some musical moon. But while Interpol front man Paul Banks' voice and delivery are undeniably and hauntingly reminiscent of Joy Division front man Ian Curtis' restrained yet seemingly on the edge of exploding vocals, the most striking similarity the two bands share is the limiting effect of tone they are able to pull off-- hitting the senses like that of a black and white photograph. Using some of the same raw elements of punk and atmospheric rock as Joy Division, Interpol has proved their is still much creatively-fertile ground to explore upon that moon (they tour in support of their third full-length album, Our Love To Admire) and are producing unique post-punk fruits that may be less avant-garde but no less artistic.

Interpol's performance at the Rave began with the opening track from their latest offering, "Pioneer to The Falls," which set a slow but persistent pace through an odd soundscape that reached its brightest moment with the brief prog rock shimmering of Daniel Kessler's guitar. "Slow Hands," from Antics, followed and featured Banks' measured vocal attack holding steady among the tempest surgings of the band. With crowd already enthralled, Banks all but occasionally stared at the crowd with his one eye that wasn't covered by his hair while Kessler and bassist Carlos D canvassed the stage in constant motion during a set that built steadily in intensity and covered all three of their albums. Notables included the rollicking "Obstacle 1" and "Say Hello to the Angels" from the group's debut Turn on the Bright Lights, the pounding "The Heinrich Maneuver" and "Mammoth" and the airy "Rest My Chemistry" from the new album. A powerful encore run of songs from Interpol's first album wrapped up the 75-minute set, which seemed to sate the crowd's appetite despite the brevity, and left a solid argument to be considered as equally talented as the band they are so often compared to.

Pioneer to the Falls
Slow Hands
Obstacle 1
Rest My Chemistry
Say Hello to the Angels
Hands Away
The Heinrich Maneuver
Not Even Jail

Leif Erikson
Stella Was A Diver And She Was Always Down
Interpol Interpol

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