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Jill Scott sizzles with sassy R& B

Jill Scott
Comerica Theatre
Phoenix, AZ
August 28, 2015
Jill Scott Jill Scott

Review and photos by Mary Andrews

Jill Scott had the best party in town on this hot August night! This may have been the best party in the state of Arizona and it was a joint effort between "Jilly from Philly" and the fans!

As Ms. Scott walked out onto the stage everyone was out of their seats screaming with genuine affection. Comerica Theatre is a 5,000-seat venue and it is unreal how intimate this place becomes with the right performer. Ms. Scott's music and poetry is personal. She speaks from the heart about the trials, tribulations, and rewards of a woman searching for good love. It seemed to resonate with everyone in the crowd and not just the women.

"The Woman Tour" is celebrating not only Jill Scott's new album, but also the 15 years since she released her first album, Who Is Jill Scott, Words and Sounds Vol 1. That album went platinum. All of her subsequent albums have at least been certified gold. The set included songs from the beginning of her career through to her new album. Jill seemed to cast a spell over the crowd with her powerhouse renditions of "Closure," "The Way," and "A Long Walk." The music was delivered with energy and raw sexual tension.

There were lots of "ad libs" from Jill and the audience. She did a routine on the "maintenance man" and her "nanananan" machine, serving some of those physical needs between relationships. All the women in the audience were able to relate to this! Don't know if the men got it, but they sure laughed a lot. The audience served as the unsolicited choral group for "Crown Royal" knowing every word to the song. The same was true for "A Long Walk." Shouts of "I Love You" to "you're right, yes, you're right," accompanied just about everything Ms. Scott had to say.

The band and background singers were stellar! Each member had an opportunity to show his powerful talent. Her four man background singers were introduced as the "Pipes." Not the "Pips," the "Pipes." The drummer, the saxophonist, and the trumpet player were standouts.

When Ms. Scott returned to the stage for the encore she revealed to the audience "I'm just like you." She's had her share of ups and downs. She has seen dark places. The thing that has kept her grounded is her six-year old son. Her son offered her advice when she was feeling down, "sometimes a woman has just got to toughen up." That is a precocious six-year old. Sounds like a chip off the old block!

Ms. Scott gave Phoenix some of the best R & B, jazz, hip-hop, and soul available today. Etta James used to give that to the crowd along with some sass. Jill is filling some of that void. Bottom line, Jill gave the crowd "lots of sugar for their coffee."
Set List:
1. Maskoosa Intro
2. Gimme
3. The Real Thing/ Kashmir snippet
4. Whatever
5. Can't Wait
6. The Way
7. Crown Royal
8. Closure
9. Cross My Mind
10. A Long Walk
11. Hate On Me
12. You Don't Know
13. Fool's Gold
14. Golden

15. Back Together
16. "He Loves Me (Lyzel In E Flat)"

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