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London trio concocts a new
Day-Glow Sci-Fi dance pop

Klaxons - Myths of the Near Future
(Geffen Records)
3 stars (out of 5 stars)
Reviewed: April 11, 2007

Review by Tony Bonyata

The latest buzz band to come rattling out of the U.K. is the London-based Klaxons, a trio that deserves at least some of the hype with their own singular sound of challenging indie-rock arrangements brimming with intoxicating multi-vocals and angular guitar-driven post-punk attitude, all coerced to convulse together on a day-glow dance floor with their psychedelic Rave sensibilities.

On their full-length debut, The Myths of the Near Future, Jamie Reynolds, Simon Taylor and James Righton usher in the Apocalypse prematurely with the cosmic mayhem of "Four Horsemen of 2012," after synthetic sirens howl with warning over detached vocals and skittish beats on "Atlantis To Interzone." A brooding piano and underlying sonic ambience adds a foreboding element to the perversely attractive "Two Receivers," while the pop immediacy of "Golden Skans" is a welcome, if not altogether familiar, treat amongst the exhilarating fluorescent sci-fi subversions that tend to dominate this effort.

Not unlike many Rave artists that have tried to crossbreed their own dance music with pop or indie rock, Klaxons make the mistake of putting more emphasis on style, rather than substance. Despite the fact that the entire record is built on a formula of pent-up energy, infectious rhythms and a refreshing approach to their otherworldly harmonizing, none of the eleven songs featured here stand up on their own two legs as memorable songs, but rather compliment and help hold together the entire package through a 'power in numbers' mentality.

Using chaos and confusion as their trump card for The Myths of The Near Future, this band certainly won't win everyone over. But for the musically adventurous willing to let the frenetic, contagious dance beats pull them into this strange new world, it's a trip worth taking... at least once.

Watch the Klaxons - "Golden Skans" video

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