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London Grammar speak a language
all their own

London Grammar
Crescent Ballroom
Phoenix, AZ
March 21, 2014
London Grammar London Grammar London Grammar

Review and photos by Mary Andrews

The room was small, dark and packed with people. The smoke machine had been going for ten minutes and the music started to play softly then built into a crescendo. A backlit female figure stood in the center of the small stage as the sounds of a keyboard started and then the guitar played a few notes on cue. The singer stepped up to the mike and a deafening applause started. Someone in the audience yelled shush!! "Hey . . . .Hey," the singer sang with perfect execution. "Hey Now" is the song and it was sung with a strangely haunting voice and melody. All the crowd could do was listen as they were now in her musical trance.

The singer is Hannah Reid, the guitarist is Dan Rothman, and the multi-instrumentalist is Dot Major. They are touring the United States in support of their new album, If You Wait on Columbia records. The group is from the UK and met in college in 2009. They graduated from school and decided to pursue their music. This band is huge in the UK and Australia claims them as their own. Fact is they have outsold Miley Cyrus and Robin Thicke without all the antics. The album is a collection of songs penned by the threesome.and Hannah has written the majority of the lyrics.

The major instrument in the band is Hannah Reid's voice. She has been compared to Florence Welch, Lana Del Rey, and The xx. Hannah's vocal range and the multi-layered texture of her voice weave a tapestry that allows her to outshine them all. Hannah may be missing the theatrics of Florence, but I think in time she will cultivate more stage presence. For now the audience will continue to be mesmerized by a voice rarely found in the music business today.

The set consisted of the songs from the new album and it was surprising that her voice was better than the recording. The show was an hour leaving the audience craving for more and the band returned for an encore of "Metal and Dust."

The songs are moving and provocative with boundless emotional range and depth. They have been described as "introspective pop." Who doesn't like great tunes of love and loss sprinkled with some disappointment? They have struck a chord with audiences worldwide and will soon take the US by storm.
1. Hey Now
2. Darling Are You Gonna Leave Me
3. Interlude
4. Shyer
5. Wasting My Young Years
6. Flickers
7. Sights
8. Stay Awake
9. Nightcall (Kavinsky cover)

11. Metal & Dust
London Grammar London Grammar London Grammar
London Grammar London Grammar
London Grammar

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