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Ludacris Lock and Loads

Eagles Ballroom
Milwaukee, WI
Feb. 13, 2003
Ludacris and company cut loose.
Oh yeah!

Review by Jenny Bonyata
Photos by Phil Bonyata

Atlanta native Ludacris, one of the most promising rappers out there today, opened his show with a bang. Famous for his outrageous sexual lyrics and deadpan humor he worked the audience over by kicking his performance off with one of his many hits "Move Bitch." The songs thumpy beats blended nicely with Ludacris' nasally delivery.Ludacris The explicitly driven rapper was later joined by his fellow posse members DTP (Disturbing Tha Peace). Sometimes DTP found themselves shouting their lines rather than rapping. A problem with some rap performers is they get to carried away and forget to fill their spoken words with street soul. Fate Wilson and Infamous 2-0 clung to Ludacris like a couple of bears to a tasty beehive. Perhaps knowing that their star quality greatly dimmed if they were forced to show off their own skills.
Discarding his oversized Arctic parka, he probably felt more comfortable in a loose fitting white t-shirt and baggy jeans. The jewelry was all in place to help accent his pulled back corn rows. Luda worked the crowd with his intriguing sounds and his addictive tone. The fans, giving it back, actually shook the old floorboards upstairs in the Eagles Ballroom as they jumped up and down to the showman's rapid-fire flow and boundless energy. Fans began to recite the words on such hits like, "Area Codes" and "Southern Hospitality." Ludacris weaved in and out of his fellow bandmates like the remaining Backstreet Boys fighting for what's left of their dwindling spotlight.
Ludacris' 55 minute set, soaked with southern hospitality and unique rap flows, baited the crowd hook line and sinker.

What ya lookin' at?
Ludacris fans
Some lovely Ludacris fans.
Spittin' the rhymes.

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