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Mudvayne Digs Through the Dirt

House of Blues
Chicago, IL
Nov. 20, 2002
Mudvayne Mudvayne

Review by Max Jensen
Photos by Dan Locke

Mudvayne, the ever evolving metal clowns from Peoria, visited close to home in their sold out appearance at the House of Blues.
"-1" from their first album, L.D.50 kicked the cobwebs off the walls and had the audience cram closer to the stage for a better look and maybe a feel. The metalfest continued it's barrage with all the subtlety of a bullfight during Sunday mass. While making no apologies, Mudvayne's loud and crass music had the audience eat-up each crimson soaked chord like a vampire let loose at a blood bank. Mudvayne's original sound of sonic bass driven dirges and overly lead-based rhythms found the audience completely under it's control.
Although they may be the step children of Slipknot meets Korn this band creates a more pure version of anarchy on stage. Mudvayne's look is vastly different than how they appeared on the 2001 Grammy Awards. A little more underground mixed with a lot more blood. Regardless of their new look and their success at nurturing their macabre and bizarre appearance, the fans only really understood one thing - the noise.

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