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Friendly and intense

Sean Lennon
Pabst Theatre
Milwaukee, WI
Apr. 17, 2007
Sean Lennon Sean Lennon

Story and photos by Matt Schwenke

With a friendly yet intense presence upon the stage, Sean Lennon seemed intent to take advantage of the intimacy of the first-floor only show-- gradually opening up to the audience and at one point remarking that his banter with the crowd felt as though he was in therapy-- and he ultimately succeeded, producing a set of creative songs with tones that were sometimes light and airy while other times surprisingly heavy and gritty-- with a few laughs to boot.

Representing the smoother side of things, Lennon used space to much effect in the newly penned "Smoke and Mirrors." Starting out in a similar vein but later taking a drastic detour, "Falling Out of Love" slowly percolated with accents until some well-placed dissonance drove the song with prog rock force and allowed Lennon to display his solo talent on guitar and haunting falsetto in voice.

"Friendly Fire," from the album by the same name, also featured rock stylings with great dynamics, while a very re-arranged cover of T Rex's "Will I Be the One" showcased Lennon's vocal talent and use of gritty tones.

An encore performance began with a Lennon solo, and the crowd was left hanging on every hushed muttering and strum in "Tomorrow" before being delivered the first song on Lennon's first album, "Mystery Juice."
Sean Lennon Sean Lennon

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