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Sister Someone Knows the Way

International Pop Overthrow - Sister Someone
Gunther Murphy's
Chicago, IL
April 24, 2003
Sister Someone Sister Someone

Review by Anita Lande
Photos by Niva Bringas

What is International Pop Overthrow? IPO originated in California five years ago and it has taken off in New York, as well as hitting the Chicago area for its second year. During April 18th through May 4th in Chicago, between 100 to 180 pop oriented bands, coming from all parts of the world, will showcase their sweat, songs and ambitions. To find out more, you can visit
Toronto based band pop-rockers Sister Someone took the stage promptly at 7:30pm on April 24th, the first band of five that was appearing that night at Gunther Murphy's bar on Belmont Ave. in Chicago. The band describes their sound "like Blondie dry-humping a willing Shirley Manson," which after hearing the band seemed pretty accurate. Mo, a tall, attractive and energetic lead singer and guitarist, fronts the band. With her combo blonde/red short spiked hair, Mo led off their five song set with "Little Bit Queer." This song is off their new CD, Can't Fake the Money Shot which can be purchased right now either on their website at or at one of their live shows.
Mo walked on stage with a very conservative looking pants suit, but after the first song she took off her long sleeve jacket to reveal her own personalized Mo white t-shirt. She has sleek and tall rock star power oozing from every piercing chord. Jol, probably the tamest of the bunch, provides lead guitar and helps out on vocals. His guitar work rounded out the bands' electric junkyard sound nicely. Bassist Dust, whose hair stylist came right out of Billy Idol's personal salon, and drummer Marty were both wearing the thin ties which reminded me of the mid-80's style clothing. Have the Strokes made that cool again?
The band lives for their live shows. Sister Someone is one of those rare bands that truly love to play in front of an audience - even for free. Donations encouraged, of course. During one number, Mo fell on her back to end up playing her final guitar notes on the stage floor. Some of the other songs they performed were the juicy "Messed Up" and the full flavored "16 Is Dying." Surprisingly, they did not play one of their better songs "To Be A Girl." This song was also featured on a compilation CD It's About Eve, a CD that supports Breast Cancer Awareness. To find out more about this CD, you can go to
As Sister Someone is starting to tour more heavily in the States, they need to talk to the audience a little more, to introduce their songs and to get the fans excited through enticing banter and interplay.
By no means, are they shy. If you don't believe me, take a look at their new CD cover. Mo is sitting on a copy machine, leather pants pulled down just showing her thong undies, and making copies of her butt while her three band members review the pictures. Yeah, now I know what it feels like to be a girl, but I wonder how the pictures actually turned out?

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