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Oct. 15, 2008
Barack Obama Barack Obama

By Livewire Editor Phil Bonyata
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How long has it been since we had a government rooted in fairness, compassion and the export of freedom based on ideas and example rather than misguided military force? Or a government that cares for and in turn empowers it's downtrodden and poor? Where the Bill of Rights and The Constitution are held sacred even through the most trying national crisis? A place where the American flag stands for freedom of speech and ideas (even if we disagree with those ideas) and not as a symbol to be protected under protest? Understanding that those who have sacrificed their lives did it for the very values that our flag represents and not for the strips of cloth that bind it together?

We are at the cusp (by your choice at the polls) where America truly joins the community of nations as an equal partner rather than a bullying superpower. We need to trade our saber rattling for reasoned dialogue among friend and foe alike. Hope - America's beacon of light - will shine once again onto the mountains of Afghanistan, while flooding the scorched deserts of the Middle East and the forgotten streets of despair in our inner cities as well as touch every Main Street throughout our great land. We also need to reinvent our vision of how we take a global lead in tapping into our greatest resource - our children. Through real educational reform and policies that equally benefit the haves and the have nots - our youth will have the creative vision and understanding to tackle the problems of tomorrow while leaving a better life and a cleaner planet to their children. We need to rebuild our home where taxation is not disproportionately paid by the middle class and lower income households. A belief where those hard working people are the catalysts that drive our economy. By relieving their tax burdens - money will flow back into the economy and create a "trickle up" economics. We must make our home a place where we value our labor force and not send our jobs overseas at the expense of our own country's present and future health. As a true global partner we will understand that a rich and vibrant economy at home will open up the doors of opportunity for so many others throughout the world.

We need innovative leaders who understand that our true national security lies through massive funding and education on alternative energy such as solar, wind and hydro electric power, clean coal technology, safe and clean nuclear power, nanotechnology and bio fuels. Economies have to evolve to the needs of today and the future if they are to survive. The jobs created through such an enormous effort of funding would make America a world leader in the future survival of our planet. As the torchbearer of new and clean fuel technologies, America would export it's intellectual resources to the rest of the energy hungry planet. This in turn would have a great impact on the reduction of global warming and the protection of our precious environment. This will be the global dawning of a truly profitable (in both pocketbook and conscious) Green economy. As our dependence on foreign oil wanes so will the strategic value of the Middle East. Terrorism will be greatly reduced as America becomes far less meddlesome in oil rich hotspots around the globe.

As our population ages and as millions more go without health insurance, we must fundamentally change our health care system where big insurance companies and the American Medical Association, along with drug companies, amass huge profits at our expense. We must live in a land where every American's birthright is guaranteed quality and affordable health care. It is time for a comprehensive nationalized health plan.

Our current financial crisis was primarily caused by the misdeeds of the Republican Party and greedy corporate CEOs. Through massive deregulation and lack of oversight of Wall Street and our country's financial sector, we have been pummeled into, quite possibly, the greatest financial crisis our nation as ever seen. The free market must prosper (as well as you and I) but under the judicious eye of the federal government. The housing bubble broke as the excessively leveraged loans made on the basis of overvalued assets went bad. We need far better consumer protection laws, something that must be an absolute priority, especially laws that prevent predatory lending.

The war in Iraq must end under a short timetable for American troop withdrawal. The Iraqi government must now govern it's own people. We Americans have the opportunity to elect a leader who understands that the fight of global terrorism lie in the barren hills of Afghanistan and Pakistan and not in the streets of Baghdad. The war on terror will be reenergized and focused on this region where the true terror lies. With vast resources and manpower springing forth from the ashes of the Iraqi War we will be able to reach our objective of greatly reducing world terror. By calling terrorism "evil" it absolves ourselves from understanding why the terrorists want to destroy us and in turn taking measures to prevent future attacks. By definition "evil" is "that which causes harm, misfortune, or destruction without motive."

As your time draws near to make one of the most important decisions of your life - you have the opportunity, no the duty, to change the downward spiral America has endured for the last eight years. Your vote will help open the door to America's new era of greatness and restore it's guiding light for many thankful generations to come.

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