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Danger Radio - Used and Abused
(Photo Finish Records)
3 stars (out of 5 stars)
Reviewed: Dec. 22, 2008
Danger Radio

Review by Andy Argyrakis

While it might be easy to group Danger Radio alongside its current touring mates Cute Is What We Aim For or Ace Enders, it's somewhat challenging to pinpoint the group's Photo Finish debut Used and Abused. There are clearly surfaces elements of today's tried and true pop/punk formula, but also an underlying soul, dance and funk flavoring much more akin to Justin Timberlake than a peer on the Vans Warped Tour. Perhaps it stems from the band's desires to be different than the pack, though members' diverse geographic locations (such as front man Andrew de Torres hailing from Puerto Rico and drummer/programmer Nico Hartikainen coming from Finland) likely plays a role.

Nonetheless, the group amasses a series of potential hits with a handful of misses throughout a collection of thirteen tracks that always leaves listeners curious for what might come next. "So Far Gone" introduces the project in a groove oriented mindset as shining keys and synths mesh with syrupy vocals and "One More Chance" adapts a slicker pop/punk angling, but simultaneously echoes Maroon 5. "Kiss N' Tell" dives into authentic soul territories, echoing the old school vibe of the Isley Brothers crossed with Timberlake, while "Broken Man" hints at 80s new wave, "Think About It" attacks from a robotic rock perspective and "Your Kind (Speak To Me)" intrigues with an almost salsa-like shuffle.

However, sometimes the singer's too sweet for his backers' beats, such as during the high pitched approached to the chilling "Things" or the Fall Out Boy-tipped "You All Believe." The programming also lacks during "Alive For the First Time" (best likened to left over Atari sounds), though "Where It Started" rounds out the record with a more memorable cross section of Jack's Mannequin's piano pop and dance floor flourishes. Given that constant shifting of styles yet generally recognizable Danger Radio sound, there's plenty of merit on Used and Abused, even if there are still some creases to iron out.

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