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After a slow start and a less than stellar lead,
comical musical proves its point

"La Cage Aux Folles"
Bank of America Theatre
Chicago, IL
December 21, 2011
La Cage Aux Folles La Cage Aux Folles

Story by Andy Argyrakis
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In theory, George Hamilton could've made a great lead in the latest revival tour of the multiple Tony Award-winning "La Cage Aux Follies." After all, he's a legend of the silver and small screen from the Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer era through today, and though his million dollar smile and charisma remained at an all time high, his singing was obviously less than stellar.

In fact, his lead role of Georges was almost completely overshadowed by Christopher Sieber (who played his life partner Albin), a Broadway veteran with a lengthy list of TV and film credits that knocked each note out of the park (especially on "I Am What I Am"). Though there was plenty of razzle dazzle in the "La Cage Aux Follies" club that featured the former as the debonair narrator and the second dolled up as a drag queen, act one seemed stretched out at least twice as long as the story warranted.

In a nutshell, the relatively simple comedy that's birthed out of a complex relationship revolves around Georges' son announcing he's engaged to a girl with extremely conservative parents (especially a politician father with an agenda to end the night life scene). Thankfully, the second half picks up some steam when these various walks of life converge in the home of Georges and Albin, the latter of whom is dressed as a women, to create the more socially acceptable appearance of a married straight couple.

Of course, the zany plan eventually unravels and causes tempers to flair, but by the end of the slapstick-oriented affair, one can't help but come away with a lesson that it's never fair to judge anyone or shun a family of any format just because they're different. It may have taken longer than necessary to get there with too many Hamilton solos along the way, but at least sincere love wins out in the end, surrounded by a finale full of glitz and glitter.

"La Cage Aux Folles" continues at the Bank of America Theatre through January 1. For additional details, visit

La Cage Aux Folles La Cage Aux Folles

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