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O.A.R. paddles smoothly upstream

Harley-Davidson Roadhouse Stage (Summerfest)
Milwaukee, WI
July 1, 2008
O.A.R. O.A.R.

Review and photos by Joe Hargreaves

Founded in 1996 by Marc Roberge (vocals, guitar) and Chris Culos (drums, percussion), before recruiting Richard On (guitar, backing vocals) and Benj Gershman (bass guitar). Four years later - while attending Ohio State University - they met and added Jerry Depizzo (saxophone).

O.A.R. (Of A Revolution) gained their appeal by relentless online distribution over the campus network and gigging anywhere people would hang and listen. Over the years the weighty power behind their island influenced jam rock has grown into a more refined adult alternative pop sound. However disappointing this shift may have hit their hard-core earlier fans, O.A.R. has done a good job in building their base, drawing roughly 18,000 in 2006 and selling out New York City's Madison Square Garden.

Thanks to Harley-Davidson¨ and the total overhaul/redesign of their Roadhouse stage by the clearing of the grounds leading to the lake, O.A.R. was able to take full use of that space filling it with fans. Under gorgeous skies, the exuberant homespun reggae flowed through the crowd testing their elasticity as they swayed in the dreamy trance of the evening. Their organic set consisted of familiar hits from their five previous studio albums, as well as from their sixth, due to release July 14th 2008.

A phenomenal and highly engaging performance!
O.A.R. O.A.R.
O.A.R. O.A.R.

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