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NYC duo's electro dance party

Shy Child - Noise Won't Stop
(Kill Rock Stars)
3 stars (out of 5 stars)
Reviewed: May 8, 2008
Shy Child

Review by Tony Bonyata

On Shy Child's third release, Noise Won't Stop, (their first on the Kill Rock Stars label) the Brooklyn duo of Pete Cafarella (vocals / keytar) and Nate Smith (drums) have crafted an album that pulsates with throbbing dance grooves, '80s synthesizers and tight rhythms that'll either leave you drenched in sweat (if you're the all-night raver type) or icy cold.

The album opens with the robotic, electro-shock of "Drop The Phone" and the bleak Euro dance party continues through the ensuing numbers "Pressure To Come," "The Volume" and the highly infectious "Kick Drum," featuring rapper Spank Rock's unique style of rap vocals over Cafarella's slippery keys and Smith's percolating beats. But just before this twosome's new effort would appear to be a nu-rave one-trick pony, they shift gears on the '80s synth-drenched pop of "Generation Y," which is highlighted by the sugar-laced voice of Bronx soul singer Stephanie Mckay. They continue this lighter vein on the plasticine pop of "Angel of Mercy," before slipping in an indie-rock curveball with the peppy number "Summer," along with the more dramatic "What's It Feel Like?," the latter, again, augmented with Mckay's lilting angelic voice that dances with Cafarella's own ghostly and guttural vocal delivery.

While Shy Child manages to incorporate enough interesting elements into this album to hold your attention throughout (especially considering that it's essentially just two people pulling it all off), it, not so surprisingly, culminates with the Ecstasy-fueled dance rave-up "Cause and Effect," which is the ultimate reminder that all these guys really wanna do is 'trip the throbbing strobes fantastic.'

Shy Child - "The Noise Won't Stop" video

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