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More Oxygen Means Better Show

Tegan & Sara
Riverside Theater
Milwaukee, WI
March 25, 2010
Tegan & Sara Tegan & Sara Tegan & Sara

Story and photos by Gypsy Davey

Earlier in the day Sara revisited the jump rope, or skip rope, or whatever the hell we call it in the States. Still head-rushing off of the high from over-oxygenating her blood, she stated that "more oxygen means better show," and ripped open back-to-back Sainthood (2009) cuts starting with the upbeat & punky "Sentimental Tune" rolled right into the electro-pop infused "Alligator."

"Do you feel extra-oxygenated now," Sara belted, and after just three cords of "Walking With A Ghost" from their So Jealous (2004) release, the place erupted with raucous applause, and didn't let up as the two continued on a small run from the album with "So Jealous," "Where Does The Good Go" and "Speak Slow."

"You guy's are the one's with the Rave, aren't you?" - we get Sara's Fluff 'n' Fold speech. On tour, in their financially lean years, the Milwaukee date was dog-eared as the city with available laundry in the basement of The Rave. A total bonus! That is, until you're the one that has to navigate your way down the stairs, through the terrifying labyrinth maze, involving the "stepping over of dead bodies," as Sara recalled. With their lean years behind them, it's all Fluff 'n' Fold from here on out. She said that we would forever be remembered as the city with the creepy laundry facility in our basement. If that is the only creepy thing in our basement, I'd take it. And on that dark note, we get The Con's Dark Come Soon followed by Soil, Soil.

The entire show consisted of material from their most recent releases, rarely digging deep into their body of material, but they did treat us to "Monday Monday Monday" next, from their 2002 release If It Was You. The lights dropped and Tegan began pecking out an eerie subsonic ping as Sara said, "I've got a Red Belt," The two bathed in blue beams brought us current with a run of Sainthood cuts in "Red Belt," the powerful "Night Watch, Paperback Head" with its infectious breaks, and the "last new one of the night," their ode to the 90's and dedicated to the two opening acts Holly Miranda and Steel Train, with the thrashing "Northshore."

After wrapping up the first set with "Nineteen" and "The Con," both from The Con (2007), and the So Jealous cut "You Wouldn't Like Me," the two came back out for their encore sans the band. Tegan behind the xylophone and Sara slung with the acoustic, they treated us to an intimate rendition of "The Con's Back In Your Head," the co-written Tiesto cut, "Felt It In My Bones" and The Con's "Call It Off," before being rejoined by the full band sending us off on the bluegrass beats of "Living Room" from If It Was You (2002).

Keep jumping rope guys. More oxygen does in fact mean better show!

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Tegan & Sara Tegan & Sara
Tegan & Sara Tegan & Sara

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