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Understated beauty

Tedeschi Trucks Band
Riverside Theatre
Milwaukee, WI
September 2, 2011
Tedeschi Trucks Band Tedeschi Trucks Band Tedeschi Trucks Band

Sroty and photos by Pete Shoen

The Grammy award winning Tedeschi Trucks Band headlined recently at Milwaukee's Riverside Theatre promoting their newly released masterpiece album Revelator. This husband and wife team of soulful blues power has melded their groups together to create an 11 piece band including a 3-piece horn section, dual drummers and a revolving organ. Guitar virtuoso Derek Trucks' effortless slide cries complemented Susan Tedeschi's fiery vocals creating a wonderful fusion of sounds pulling from all genres of music. This musical family kept a constant flow of uplifting songs about love and joy that kept the crowd dancing throughout the performance.

The group started the show with a song off of the new album called "bound for glory" an uplifting organ driven jam tune owned by Tedeschi's soulful howl. This was a song with a purpose and every band member seemed to know it. Truck's slide was wicked yet controlled which is a signature of his eclectic guitar work. Every note on every solo he played found an absolute home as none of the solos were overplayed.

Tedeschi's vocal power also flourished in the song "Until You Remember" A song of humanity and burning love turned cold. The vocals created a passionate strength that had you easily relating to the emotions. Those feelings were later channeled through Truck's beautiful yet melancholy slide solo.

One of the highlights of the night was the performance of "Midnight in Harlem" a moody introspective ballad written by vocalist Mike Mattison. The seductive slide work on this song resembled the warm sound of an electrified sitar which gave it an eastern Indian feel yet it had urban R&B vocals. This was a gem of a tune that showcased the bands ability of seamless musical communication on an acute level.

Another standout moment of the night was when the band dusted off a Sly and the Family Stone song "I Want To Take You Higher" while Tedeschi traded guitar licks with her husband. The double drummers even shared extended solos between sets. It was very clear to me that The Tedeschi Trucks Band was comprised of All-Star musicians.

The truth about the Tedeschi Trucks performance was that it had a jam band feel yet the lyrical content within the songs was equally important. The majority of the music was written by members within the band which only made the music more enjoyable. I got the feeling that each song was a story being told that those musicians actually experienced.

The Tedeschi Trucks band is one of the most talented musical acts currently touring today and I can't wait to experience their music that is yet to come.

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Tedeschi Trucks Band Tedeschi Trucks Band
Tedeschi Trucks Band

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