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The unplugged and solo side of a
DMB/TR3 guitar virtuoso

Tim Reynolds
Evanston, IL
January 16, 2016
Tim Reynolds Tim Reynolds

Story and photos by Andy Argyrakis

Between time in Dave Matthews Band, his duo partnership with its famed front man and leadership of TR3, it's remarkable that Tim Reynolds still has time to tour by himself. Then again, there's hardly a season when the German-born guitar virtuoso isn't on the road with a visit to Evanston's SPACE coming a mere matter of months after stopping by Chicago with Matthews for Farm Aid 30.

Of course, no two shows are ever the same for any of Reynolds' acts and it was impossible to predict what avenue he'd travel throughout this sold out solo acoustic evening. Though somewhat shy and soft-spoken as far as headliners go (aside from a few humorous antidotes about weed), the six and twelve string slinger let the music do the talking throughout nearly two hours that dived into his expansive individual catalogue and also unveiled several brand new tunes.

Whether exploring instrumental rock, jazz fusion, acoustic pop, psychedelic experiments or free form jams, Reynolds regularly lived up to his standing as a modern day guitar god. The double Grammy nominee also demonstrated additional proficiency when it came to recording loops on the spot and then playing them back instantly over one of his many intricate selections.

Across it all, the pace varied from the gentle finger picking of "Hidden Variable" through the furiously fast "If You Say That Again, I'll Kiss You" and the vibrant, southern-slanted "Just Around The Corner." However, the pre-encore finale "Man Food" soared the highest as a chunky rocker that could've easily accompanied a case of the post-toke munchies, but much more important than its figurative possibilities was Reynolds' jaw-dropping precision and all around mastery of his axe at every complex corner.

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Tim Reynolds Tim Reynolds
Tim Reynolds

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