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Well produced show from start to finish

Stone Temple Pilots
Eagles Ballroom
Milwaukee, WI
August 16th, 2010
Stone Temple Pilots Stone Temple Pilots Stone Temple Pilots

Story by Brett Taylor
Photos by Gypsy Davey

Even though they were thrust into the grunge rock scene of the 1990's the Stone Temple Pilots never really owned the independent and unpolished moniker that it represented. STP produced a baker's dozen top ten rock radio singles, and a Grammy for best rock performance, owing more to arena-rock and glam/pop sensibilities than to Neil Young. After a hugely successful decade the band imploded due to a number of rock clichés that read like a "Behind The Music" Mad Libs... just fill in the blank of the appropriate band member and narcotics. After regrouping in 2009, the original lineup once again hit the road to support a new self-titled record this spring.

Lead singer Scott Weiland has almost as many wacked out rock star stories as Keith Moon, so it was surprising to see him put on such a sharp well produced show from start to finish. Obviously sober, (or more sober than in the past), Weiland ran though both classic and new cuts sounding great, and using his top notch front man talents, dancing and writhing, keeping the crowd entertained. Obviously the crowd was there to hear the classic STP hits, and those they got opening with the driving "Crackerman" from 1992's Core, followed by "Vaseline" from their sophomore effort Purple. Remarkably newer material such as "Hickory Dichotomy" which felt like a Bowie/Aerosmith mash up, also received a positive response, rather than the usual bathroom trip. I felt the only real lull in the show was when the band crowbarred their cover of "Dancing Days" from the Zep cover album Encomium.

The band rebounded closing with encore's of crowd sing alongs: "Sex Type Thing," and "Dead and Bloated" both from the first album, ending a tight well oiled and rehearsed 90 minute set. The band looked and sounded rehearsed, it was nice to see them functioning so well, but also kind of felt "safe." If that is what it will take to keep these guys together and producing entertaining shows, then so be it.

Stone Temple pilots were supported by Fang Island and Cage The Elephant.

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Stone Temple Pilots Stone Temple Pilots Stone Temple Pilots
Stone Temple Pilots
Stone Temple Pilots Stone Temple Pilots
Stone Temple Pilots Stone Temple Pilots

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