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Acrobatic spectacles with a street savvy
edge and a hip-hop score

"Cirque Eloize iD"
Cadillac Palace Theatre
Chicago, IL
April 26, 2011
Cirque Eloize iD Cirque Eloize iD

Story by Andy Argyrakis
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With the multitude of shows starting with a "Cirque" moniker, it's often difficult to tell what's a legitimate artistic statement and what's merely capitalizing on the craze. In the case of "Cirque Eloize iD," it could quite possibly be the most compelling, street-savvy show ever staged, thanks in part to the production prowess of Jeannot Painchaud and a cast of characters who draw inspiration from the worlds of hip-hop, science fiction, graffiti art, comic books and ever so slight shades of Michael Jackson.

Indeed the battle breakdancers could've come right out of the King of Pop's "Beat It" video, though everything was absolutely contemporary, complete with an urban pop/electronica score by Jean-Phi Goncalves (from the indie band Beast) and Alex McMahon. Besides these head-spinning hooligans decked out in their muscle-bearing tank tops, hoodies and tilted caps, there were plenty of similarly-clad acrobats and contortionists, as well as a juggler and a stunt biker.

Straight out of an extreme sports video, a cast member hurled over barriers on his bike and even performed some intricate flips and twirls over the body of an audience member lying flat on the stage floor. Yet the true treat was a bungee jumping finale onto what could possibly be the world's most bouncy trampoline, which blasted the cast sky high against a backdrop of continuously changing square screens that could've come straight out of Pink Floyd's The Wall.

Catch all the action up close or from the rafters as there can't possibly be a bad seat in the house for this floor to ceiling show that truly leaves the audience just as breathless as the nimble performers. "Cirque Eloize iD" continues at Chicago's Cadillac Palace Theatre through May 8. For additional details, visit or .

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Cirque Eloize iD Cirque Eloize iD

Cirque Eloize iD Cirque Eloize iD

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