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New York state weather soaks clothes but
can't wash away the excitement for Dave and Co.

Dave Matthews Band
Darien Lake Performing Arts Center
Darien, NY
June 27, 2018
Tim Reynolds
Tim Reynolds

Words and photos by Johnny Hall

Upstate New York's weather on June 27th might have been gloomy with periods of downpours, but that didn't dampen the spirits of fans gathering to see Dave Matthews Band. The show was held at the Darien Lake Performing Arts Center, not far from Buffalo NY. The rain started early in the day making the grounds a bit soggy, however the fans didn't seem to mind, filling up the parking lots early with tents, music, and drinks to enjoy some tailgating before the show. The crowd soon swelled to about 15,000 enthusiastic fans who filled the amphitheater to near capacity, waiting for the 8 p.m. kickoff of the show.

Dave Mathews Band, from Charlottesville, VA, are currently touring for their newest release, Come Tomorrow, which debuted at #1 on the Billboard charts and is their 7th consecutive #1 album. DMB, the quintessential summer band, has sold more than 80 million tickets since their beginning in 1991, with no sign of slowing down. The band had a fresh look with the addition of Buddy Strong on keys and the departure of longtime member Boyd Tinsley. Familiar faces were on stage as well, with founding members Dave Matthews (guitar/ vocals), Carter Beauford (drums), and Stefan Lessard (bass guitar). Also on stage were Tim Reynolds (guitar), Rashawn Ross (trumpet) and Jeff Coffin (sax), filling out the band.

The rain stopped right before showtime, just in time for the band to make their way to the stage. Without an opening act, DMB played a massive three hour set of music starting with "Again and Again" and "One Sweet World." Having such and extensive catalog the band had little trouble filling the entire three hours with fan favorites and their newest material. Songs like "Samurai Cop (Oh Joy Begin)," "Can't Stop;" and "She" off the latest album.

The new material has a classic DMB sound, melting in wonderfully with favorites like "The Best of What's Around" and "41" off previous albums. Dave and his bandmates were full of smiles and it was evident they were having fun and were happy to be on stage. Matthews commented that after not touring as a band for 2017, (Dave and Tim did tour as an acoustic act in summer of 2017), he was happy to be back and he "missed these fools," regarding his bandmates. Dave had great interaction with the audience, bantering with fans from the stage in between songs and taking some "selfie" photos with fans' cell phones after the show. Their set 18 song set list ended at 11 p.m. with an encore of "Ants Marching."

After the show the crowd filed out of the venue, with many of the fans talking about how much they enjoyed the night's event. Mother Nature could not rinse the smiles away from fans with her rain, as Dave Matthews Band was able to clear away any gloomy memories of the day's weather.
Set List:
Again and Again
One Sweet World
The Best of What's Around
Samurai Cop (Oh Joy Begin)
Can't Stop
Jimi Thing
You & Me
Crash Into Me
Louisiana Bayou
Come On Come On
What Would You Say
Tripping Billies

Ants Marching

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Tim Reynolds
Tim Reynolds
Tim Reynolds
Tim Reynolds

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